An eye for valuable and timeless objects, that’s exactly what Tjeerd (1980) has. He was born and raised in Venlo, a town in the southernmost Dutch province of Limburg. Soon Tjeerd realised his ambitions extended way passed the boundaries of the small city. He felt the urge to broaden his horizons and exchanged Venlo for the Dutch capital to study art history at the University of Amsterdam. Already during his studies, the upcoming art expert entered the world of the art trade.

With over ten years of experience in the field, Tjeerd has a flawless way of looking at quality and beauty. He has always had a weak spot for watches. In fact, the purchase of his first timepiece inspired him to start his own business in the raw materials for jewellery and watches: precious metals (Tov Hazel, www.tov-hazel.com). From the beginning, the business was an immediate success and soon led Tov Hazel to become market leader in the Dutch precious metal sector.


In 2014, Tjeerd added a new division to his business that is focused on the high-end watch market: 10PAST10. Its headquarters are located in Rotterdam, the largest port city of Europe. The success of 10PAST10 soon followed the example of its parent company. Nowadays Tjeerd travels around the world to serve his clients: ‘Most often I’m in London, Dubai, Hong Kong and the United States. I like to travel, but that’s almost necessary when you have customers from all over the world.’ You could call his passion for watches a hobby that got out of hand, but nothing could be further from the truth: Tjeerd takes his work very serious and always strives to only get the best of the best for his customers.

In addition to Tov Hazel and 10PAST10, Tjeerd is also a shareholder of the company Safe Deposit (www.safedeposit.nl).

10PAST10 is located in the heart of Rotterdam at Coolsingel 104. In our secured showroom on the second floor you can take your time to look through our extended collection.

Our showroom is open by appointment only.

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