Could your watch use a freshening up? We offer you the possibility to let your watch being polished professionally and make it look brand new.


Are you planning to buy a beautiful pre-owned watch and want to confirm its authenticity? We at 10PAST10 can help you with a detailed authenticity check to verify if it’s real or not.


We check if your watch is in need of maintenance or repair. We advise you to let us check your watch every 5 years to know if it needs a more extensive service check.


Does your watch need of a full service or a reparation? We are there for you.


We offer you a warranty up to 12 months after your purchase at 10PAST10. In addition, all new and pre-used watches are provided with the international factory warranty of the specific brands.


If you buy one of our watches, it’s possible to part exchange your current watch. Please note that this is only possible when your watch matches the segment of luxury watches we offer and sell. For more information and possible valuations, we refer you to our trade page.


Are you looking for a specific watch but can’t find it in our current collection? Contact us. By using our international jewellery and watch network, we can help you in seeking your wanted model.

Do you have a question, remark of request? Fill in our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

10PAST10 is affiliated with the NJU (Dutch Jewelry- and Watches Industry).